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Village Lottery

Creeting St Peter Parish Council decided at its meeting held on 20th September 2011 to take over the Bonus Ball previously run by the Community Council. The Parish Council applied for and was granted a Small Society Lotteries registration under Part 5 of Schedule 11 of the Gambling Act 2005. Registration No. LOTT/11/02560.


Sales Co-ordinator - Liz Sawyer

Promoter —  Jennie Blackburn  — Clerk to the Parish Council

Secretary — Jennie Blackburn — Clerk to the Parish Council

Treasurer — Jennie Blackburn — Clerk to the Parish Council

Constitution of Creeting St Peter Parish Council

for the purpose of a Small Society Lottery Application

Creeting St Peter Parish Council consists of five councillors elected every four years. Mid Suffolk District Council maintains the Register of Electors.

Creeting St Peter Parish Council aims to ensure Creeting St Peter continues to be a vibrant rural village with a strong community spirit, where everybody matters. The aim is for Creeting St Peter is to be a prosperous, safe and attractive place in which to live and work for the present generation, and for generations to come.

The purpose of the Council is to work within its statutory powers to maintain and enhance the village's public amenities, and to help the people of Creeting St Peter to improve their quality of life, and to work in partnership with Mid Suffolk District Council and Suffolk County Council.

The Council will exercise all its powers and duties in accordance with the law and this Constitution, and utilise its limited budget to achieve the greatest good for the community.

Councillors agree to follow the Code of Conduct, which is overseen by the Standards Board for England.

The Council's administrative affairs are dealt with by the Parish Clerk who is a part time employee of the Parish Council, and who fulfils the role of Responsible Financial Officer.

The Council meets in public at least 6 times a year, on alternative months in the Church Room, The Lane, Creeting St Peter at 7.30pm.

The Council operates a freedom of information policy and publishes its agendas and minutes on the parish notice board. Minutes are also available on the Parish website. Any member of the public can inspect Council papers and attend Council or committee meetings. They may also inspect the Council's accounts and make their views known to the external auditor.

The Parish Council operates a Village Lottery based on the Bonus Ball to raise funds to improve and maintain amenities such as the Play Area, for the use of residents. A separate bank account operates to ensure monies raised by the Village Lottery are kept separate from other Parish Council funds. In the event of the Parish Council deciding to no longer operate the Village Lottery, all unused funds will be retained by the Parish Council to maintain Parish amenities and the natural environment within the Parish of Creeting St Peter.

This constitution was reviewed and approved at a meeting of Creeting St Peter Parish Council held on 15th July 2019.

Licence Number: LOTT/11/02560